One on One Coaching with Dr. Alexia Gillen

If you are a woman physician or provider and are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, work interfering with your personal life, exhausted in the multiple roles that you live everyday .... I've been there, I see you, I'M HERE FOR YOU. 

I believe you have the power to unlock the life you deserve in medicine.

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 I am passionate about coaching because I believe in the power and necessity of women in medicine! I believe in you!  

If you are looking for someone to walk along side you - I am here. Together we will explore personalized coaching using evidence based coaching tools and my favorite tool that helps you understand why you do what you do ~ The Enneagram. 

I teach women physicians and clinicians to take control of their busy lives, find and maintain work-life balance and to overcome burnout.

I will meet you where you are ~ I will walk alongside you to develop your goals and definition of success.


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