I teach women physicians and clinicians to take control of their busy lives, find & maintain work-life balance, and to overcome burnout - to create wellbeing in medicine.   

Hi! I'm Dr. Alexia Gillen - physician, medical information officer, speaker, life and enneagram coach, wife, mom of two amazing kids, lover of coffee, dogs and God, and founder of RISE - Coaching and Wellbeing in Medicine. 

I founded RISE after a winding but successful journey as a practicing family physician, medical director and medical information officer. That infamous professional mountain kept getting bigger and the “arrival” persistently elusive and in the midst of that career climb was a woman who felt overwhelmed and barely able to keep her head above water.

My guess is that you've been there too. Like you're never doing enough. 

What changed? Coaching changed it all around for me. Coaching was the key that unlocked the life for me that I always knew I deserved. 

I learned to trust myself. To develop grace and compassion - towards myself. My coach helped me to uncover the strength that had been inside me all along. The strength to take control of my life - my time, my career, my personal and professional relationships. To live life on purpose as ME. To stay in medicine on purpose - because we belong! 

I learned to RISE. 

Now, I walk beside and lead other women physicians and providers through coaching, courses, and speaking to uncover their own power and to purposefully create wellbeing in life and in medicine. I am passionate about coaching because I believe in the power and necessity of women in medicine! I believe in you! 
I believe in you because we are so much alike. Women in medicine are cut from a certain cloth. Smart, driven, we work hard. You deserve the key to unlock the powerful future that you deserve as well. And I would love to help you do it.

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