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I've been there. I see you. There is wellbeing in medicine!


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I get it, I've been there...


I'm a family physician, certified life and enneagram coach, wellbeing champion and informaticist.

I've been where you are.... exhausted, lost, frustrated - with life and with the system of medicine.

Now, I fully believe we have the power to purposefully create wellbeing in life and in medicine!

I work with you on your individual path to overcome burnout, find and maintain work-life balance and take control of your busy life ~

So that you can live life and practice medicine on your terms.

This is your time to RISE! 


More about me

Through my work with Alexia, I realized I had a growth mindset in some areas of my life but felt a fixed mindset when it came to my clinical work.  I learned to create boundaries with my charting and I have that time back for other things I want to prioritize in my life! This work has spilled over to other areas of my professional life such as my leadership role as well.  I am very grateful for the work we did together!


Dr. Sara D.